Design concept

A key part of my work is addressing quality of life; that of my customer’s and everyone involved in the supply chain, using sustainable methods to create and deliver a range of clothing that is not only chic but edgy, natural, comfortable and unique.  I embrace the slow fashion movement and create pieces that do speak to a story, but also work alone.  The designs are statements and accents with a price point that reflects the time, expertise, materials and talent they are imbued with. Each piece is designed to be a keeper, not to be summarily relegated to the floordrobe.

The concept is to create statement pieces which will be offered for sale at two seasonal showings a year. There may be scope for  garments to be reproduced with a similar aesthetic if time allows. Each item will have an individual character as each is hand made and a lot of the fabric is created from local raw primary fibres, within the atelier. I happen to love not only designing, but also creating them myself. 

It doesn't appeal to me to consign them to factories for greater output.

The design ethic is to create a line of really beautiful unique artisanal clothing and homewares which look fantastic, are sustainably sourced, designed and made; in essence it's a paddock to catwalk story. There will be styles methods and tactics which allow for a greater range of body shapes and sizes to fit the garments.  I see this as important as the range tends to offer a minimalist scope of sizing, with plenty of one-size-fits-most pieces.


The range includes wool felted messenger bags and small over the shoulder phone/keys/card pouches to compliment pieces.

My designs come to life welcoming all of these varied aspects.