Pink Flamingoes 3 Piece Gift Set
Pink Flamingoes 3 Piece Gift Set
Pink Flamingoes 3 Piece Gift Set
Pink Flamingoes 3 Piece Gift Set
Pink Flamingoes 3 Piece Gift Set
Pink Flamingoes 3 Piece Gift Set

Pink Flamingoes 3 Piece Gift Set


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The gift set features a clutch purse, an ear plug or credit card pouch PLUS a matching glasses pouch all in the Pink Flamingoes print which stands boldly on a soft teal  background with aqua lily pads and lotus flowers  in 100% cotton paired with a base made of pink and gold flecked sustainable cork. It is lined with black & white striped cotton with a handy internal slip pocket separating the wallet into 2 compartments; and 6 card slots for all your credit, loyalty and  membership cards plus an additional  matching holder for extra credit cards or ear plugs.   Also featuring a ruby gold top zip with pink cork and detachable rose gold tassel.  To complete the ensemble is the glasses pouch.   So you.  The base is the real star of the show though. It is made of natural renewable cork very much in keeping with the ethos of Vivii as a sustainable brand.  The strong cork base makes the clutch stand up nicely and feels secure for a good hand grip.

Sometimes called ‘Nature’s leather’ because it looks and behaves like leather, but without the negative aspects of leather, cork is a wonderful material as it give stability and strength to the product. It is easily wiped clean.

Made with premium quality bonding and wadding inside The Aurora Flamingo Cork Clutch is soft and squashable and bounces back to a perfect shape.  Hand washable.

Zipper closure at the top, 5cm base.

Here's another sustainability rant...

Cork Oak, is grown in ‘The Montado’ (cork forests) in Portugal, Spain and a few other Mediterranean countries. It has been known to exist for centuries. The best thing about cork fabric it that the tree is not harmed or damaged during the harvesting process. Harvesting occurs in the Spring/ Summer months and is done by highly skilled workers. Each tree has a rotation cycle of 9 years, this allows for the bark of the Cork Oak to regenerate ready for the next harvest.


The construction of Cork fabric is a story of patience, skill and precision; thin sheets are carefully place by hand onto a “backing” fabric like organising the blocks in a Patchwork Quilt. For a smoother texture some of the sheets are hand sanded, then a protective finish is applied to give a high-quality gorgeous product.



Clutch purse

20cm  x 15cm x 5cm

8” x 6” x 2”


$75 for 3 pieces :

- Clutch purse with detachable rose gold tassel

- Small ear plug/credit card holder

- Glasses pouch